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Jim Mangino




Jim is a musician with a serious passion for what he does. He first started playing at the age of 7 and continues performing today. When he was 13 he began giving lessons and developed a passion for teaching and continues to share his knowledge and experience today. Check out what Jim offers below and feel free to contact him for further information.


Along with being a guitar, bass and piano teacher Jim has remained active in the performance arena. He keeps busy with solo jazz guitar gigs ala..Joe Pass..Earl Klugh type music. He has also kept busy with jobbing dates with various Big Bands, Country, Blues and Rock bands.

Jim is also available for studio and session work for whatever style of guitar or bass track you're looking to lay down. He has also done live sound production and lighting for various venues including clubs and festivals.


Jim teaching guitar

Since the age of 13 Jim has been helping new and experienced musicians reach their full potential. Being a guitar instructor has always been exciting to him as he enjoys seeing his students grow as musicians. More than 30 years later, the excitement is still there!

"My goal is to provide some of the most complete music instruction available in the Buffalo NY area. I use proven methods to teach guitar, bass and piano. I firmly believe that an instrument should be learned completely and without limitation. Reading music along with a good understanding of music theory and how it all goes together are paramount to reaching the students highest goal."

Jim gives his music students the same knowledge and tools he was given to be able to play whatever style of music they want - Jazz, Blues, Classical, Funk, R&B, Rock, and whatever else.

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